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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hard water?

Hard water is water that has high mineral content. Hard water is formed when water percolates through deposits of limestone and chalk which is largely made up of calcium magnesium carbonates.

Why do I need a water treatment system?

Over 85% of the US has hard water. Since hardness is really dissolve rock, the average family of four will have more than 15 pounds of rock per year in their water for each grade of harness.

I have a water softener, do I need a drinking water system?

Water softeners improve the water we bathe in and clean with throughout our home. Softeners are not purifiers and will not reduce a wide range of potential contaminates.

What is causing the ugly orange stains in my toilet and bathtub?

Orange stains in your toilet and bathtubs are caused from iron deposits. Call us today!

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